The New Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan


Innovative driving assistance systems.

The new C-Class represents comfortable safety regardless of the road conditions, keeping you nice and relaxed.

An expressive exterior.

The new C-Class is a sportive incarnation of luxury. It combines dynamic proportions with reduced design lines and sculptural surfaces.

Push your limits. Or don’t.

Take a break from the stress of everyday life. The new generation of the innovative MBUX multimedia system allows you to intuitively operate important functions by voice or touch.

Find your inner balance. Or don’t.

It’s important to be able to recharge your batteries after a taxing day. Experience ENERGIZING comfort control.


Dynamic. Luxurious.
The design: expression of sportiness. In the new C-Class Sedan, progressiveness meets luxury.

Exterior Design

Sporty character with new levels of sophistication.

The drive to get ahead is written all over the face of the C-Class Sedan, with a modified front end that exudes dynamism and modernity. The bumpers have been redesigned: they are enhanced by gleaming chrome elements and engaging new LED headlamps, depending on equipment.

Interior Design

Modern luxury from deep within.
The new steering wheel with Touch Control buttons and, depending on equipment, the fully digital instruments and larger displays enable highly individual and cutting-edge operation.


Comfort is the best training.

Experience a level of comfort that means more: one that relaxes, calms, but also is energising and stimulating. Conveniently at the touch of a button: thanks to ENERGIZING comfort control. A highlight in the interior of the C-Class.

Energizing Packages

The Energizing Packages make your relaxation the highest priority. Choose from different mood modes, such as “Vitality”, “Refresh” or one of the three training programmes.

The Generous Rear

The generous space concept gives passengers in the rear even more legroom than before.

Memory Package

Once set, the front seats remember individualised settings for up to three people. The profiles can easily be selected and changed at any time.


Trust in the latest generation of driving assistance.

Numerous driving assistance and safety systems in the C-Class Sedan can noticeably take the strain out of driving.

Active Stop-and-Go Assist

Even in a traffic jam: deeply relaxed.

The Active Stop-and-Go Assist can considerably ease the burden on the driver in a motorway traffic jam. It automatically drives off, keeps in the lane and maintains the distance to the vehicle in front up to a speed of 60 km/h

Active Lane Keeping Assist

Stay safely on track.

If you unintentionally leave your lane or get dangerously close to other road users, the Active Lane Keeping Assist can bring you back into your lane with the aid of a steering intervention. If you leave the lane nevertheless, an additional warning follows in the form of steering wheel vibration.

Centre Airbag

Between you: everything under control.

A centre airbag is integrated in the inside of the driver’s seat. In a severe side impact it can deploy protectively between the driver and front passenger and thus reduce the risk of injury.


Identifying the risk of a rear-end collision and activating PRE-SAFE ®. PRE-SAFE® PLUS can identify the risk of a rear-end collision for you, warns the traffic behind you by flashing your rear warning lights, applies the brakes to the vehicle while stationary to reduce forward motion and, by extension, minimise the impact on its passengers and the risk of secondary collisions. In addition, the reversible PRE-SAFE® seatbelt tensioners can be activated right before the collision.

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